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Our TFT Cassis Monitors "made in Germany" are ideal for industrial applications thanks to the robust construction and long-term availability. They can be combined with our Box-Pcs. These products come with "CE"-mark and hte prefered use is for front-mounting.

Please ask for pricelist. Phone ++49(0)89 623 036 30

Clicking on the type you will find a drawing of the module.

size type Input luminance resolution dimensions
38 cm/15,0" DT-M150X10CAD RGB + DVI 250 cd/m 1024x768 347,4x255,1x29,0
38 cm/15,0" DT-M150X09CAD RGB + DVI 400 cd/m 1024x768 347,4x255,1x29,0
43 cm/17,0" DT-M170EG2CAD RGB + DVI 350 cd/m 1280x1024 379,4x298,1x32,8
47 cm/18,5" DT-M185W01CAD RGB + DVI 300 cd/m 1366x768 432,4x256,8x32,0
48 cm/19,0" DT-M190EG4CAD RGB + DVI 300 cd/m 1280x1024 416,9x325,6x32,8
48 cm/19,0" DT-M190EG5CAD RGB + DVI 350 cd/m 1280x1024 416,9x325,6x32,8
55 cm/21,5" DT-M215WGCAD RGB + DVI 300 cd/m 1920x1080 497,65x294,2x32,0
56 cm/22,0" DT-M220WGCAD RGB + DVI 300 cd/m 1680x1050 514,6x341x33,6